Charge: Can you charge your Android micro-USB device (Redmi 4 (India)) with a hybrid converter (USB type C to type A) with the high-wattage MacBook Pro charger?

I have MacBook Pro (15 & # 39; & # 39 ;, 2017 model). It comes with a very high voltage charger with USB port type C. I have a hybrid converter (USB Type-C to VGA + USB Type-C + USB Type-A). I want to charge my Redmi 4 device (Indian variant) with a cable (USB Type-A to micro-USB). My phone is compatible with the unspecified version of Qualcomm's fast charging (tested with a Moto Phone turbocharger).

Then, the connection is as follows:
MacBook Pro Charger -> USB type C to USB type C cable -> USB Type-C to Hybrid output converter including USB Type-A -> USB Type-A to micro-USB cable -> Redmi device 4.

Will it damage the configuration above my phone or charger? Also, will my phone be able to charge quickly since it supports an unspecified version of Qualcomm's fast charge?