Change the size of the btrfs file system block by migrating the 18.10 Environment to a larger SSD?

I have a 500 GB SSD with a partition containing Windows 7 and a second partition with Ubuntu 18.10 installed on a btrfs file system with a 4 KB block size and dual boot.

I have a 1TB SSD that I am installing and I want to make a full copy of my current Ubuntu 18.10 partition (btrfs file system) on this 1TB SSD. I do not want windows in my 1TB SSD and I wish that all the 1TB SSD starts only Ubuntu 18.10. When I log in to the operating system on the new SSD after copying: I want to access all my installed software (installed through the sudo, pip and .deb files), all my settings and software settings, and all my bookmarks.

However, I want to make a new installation of Ubuntu 18.10 with an optimal block size for my 1 TB SSD, 64 GB of RAM and the i7-6700k processor.

Is it possible to copy / clone a custom 18.10 ubuntu operating system with the btrfs file system and a 4KB block size on a newly installed 18.10 operating system with the btrfs file system and (say) a block size of 4096KB (if 4096KB is optimal for my PC)?

I want everything to be the same in both operating systems. Should I perform a manual installation of each software item from scratch or can I do something like Clonezilla or Mount the directories of my laptops directly on my 1TB SSD?