Can I upload a 16GB 4K video through the Google Pixel "google photo" application with free storage and original quality?

I want to buy a used Google pixel (1st generation) to make a backup copy of the photos and videos that another device took.
Because the help of Pixel Phone says that it will be stored for free with the original quality.
All the photos and videos loaded from the Pixel phone are stored free of charge with the original quality, whether the camera has taken them, captured in a screenshot or downloaded from another application. The storage used for these photos and videos will remain free even if you stop using the Pixel phone.
But he did not explain the details of Format Y single file size limit.
There are many video formats like mp4 m4v mov mkv etc.
Also many image formats, such as jpeg png jp2 webp nef (plain image of nikon)

I only have Google account with 15 GB of free storage.
Can I upload a 16GB 4K video (mkv format or container) through google pixel google photo application with original and free quality?
Can I upload images in heif and nef format?

PS: The original unlimited online quality storage is not the regular free service, it is exclusive to pixel users, and the Pixel 2 Pixel 3 service has a time limit.