Can I travel to Amsterdam/Greece with criminal record

I am a Mexican national. I served a 3 year sentence in jail in USA ,Then deported to Mexico. (Drug offense) 2016-2018 (2 years 8 months )

I currently traveled to Dominican Republic. in transit through Panama they told me I cannot have a layover there again because of my criminal record and their policy on not allowing felons through there. They gave me a courtesy one time at their discretion permission to board plane heading to Dominican Republic but not to return through there. I am now leaving to Colombia and then back to Mexico City to avoid Panama layover.

I plan to go to Greece in mid June since it’s one of the few European countries open for travel with my girlfriend. There is a layover in Amsterdam – to Athens Greece. would really like some help or insight on weather I will run into trouble at either port of entry. I’m very excited for this trip. But would like to know if they ask about past convictions, does my passport have a flag because of my last criminal history ?

It’s a bummer some countries will still punish a felon after serving his full time for mistakes. Anybody with similar experience or knowledge on weather I can travel there or not. Or European countries who won’t mind.