Can I add a rewrite in htaccess to remove the WordPress Multisite subdirectory from the URL?

I am working on a Multisite that was installed and activated in an earlier version of WordPress. The WP files were placed in a subdirectory called wp and a request has now been made for the subdirectory of the URL to be removed, ie the web addresses of the site and the sub-sites must be, and not,

Instead of moving the WordPress files out of the / wp / subdirectory, I can use a rewrite rule in the htaccess file to make the URL show and pages and serve the content from and

The comment given for a similar question (Delete the subdirectory of the main URL of WordPress multisite) referred to the codex, but this multisite was installed and activated with a version before 3.5 and looks like the Subfolder Example: WordPress 3.0 to 3.4 .2 that contains these lines, which does not appear in Method I (without change of URL):

#Uploaded files
RewriteRule ^ (. * /)? Files / $ index.php [L]
RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI} !. * Wp-content / plugins. *
RewriteRule ^ (. * /)? Files /(.*) wp-includes / ms-files.php? File = $ 2 [L]

Can I follow the Codex entry and replace my current htaccess file with the version shown in Method I (no URL change)?

I also spoke with the technical support of the hosting provider and his recommendation was to do the opposite: instead of moving the WP files from the root folder to the subdirectory, his suggested course of action was to move all the files in the subdirectory to the root and do more. changes using phpAdmin.

I have reviewed the WordPress stack exchange, web articles and Codex and find it difficult to decide on a course of action.