Camera for taking products under # 300 compatible with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe lists the cameras that are compatible with your Photoshop software:

You have a misunderstanding about compatibility. A type of image file that contains raw data is called a RAW file. Different brands use different extensions for their RAW files (for example, CR2 for Canon and NEF for Nikon). [Side note: even a camera capable of shooting RAW can be set to shoot jpg instead – which will load in Photoshop right out of the camera. There are many reasons to shoot RAW that I’m not going to go into – but I highly advise you look into it]

RAW data should be processed to be usable. The list you linked is for Adobe Camera Raw (RAW processing software attached to Photoshop) and lists all types of camera and files that Adobe Camera Raw can support.

If you have a camera that can create a RAW image that is not on this list … it's likely that that The camera also has branded software available to interpret RAW data.

Once the RAW data is interpreted, it will have a different file type: either jpg, tiff, bmp, etc. Photoshop supports all types of image files.

So, the answer to your question is: get any camera. If you can shoot RAW, convert with Adobe Camera Raw if available and, if it is not available, make sure that the camera manufacturer also offers Raw processing software (for example, Canon supplies Digital Photo Pro to convert your RAW files) .