c # – Help me adjust this logarithmic RPG leveling formula!

I want to find a way to make it very easy for the player early in
levels (let's say until level 15 ~), and then slowly more difficult. I am not
Sure how to change the formula or if possible! I hope you can

There are too many ways to address this, I do not think anyone can give a specific answer without knowing more about your game, but here are some ideas:

  • Making it "easy" for someone to gain levels is subjective. Depending on the game, the dungeons (for example) that are designed for level 1-15 players can have monsters that provide a lot of experience, while the rest of them provide less experience (for example).
  • Your formula has some magic numbers, I'm not sure I can see the pattern behind them, but you can treat your formula as an interpolation. In linear interpolation, it goes from A to B in equal steps, but you can use an exponential interpolation, which starts slowly and then goes faster. An example formula is x * x and it looks like this

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total_experience = experience;
x = your_formula_for_exp_to_next_level;
experience_to_level = x * x;

This will take your existing formula, and modify it in such a way that all values ​​will now need less experience at the beginning, and more and more at the end. To increase the curve and make it so that you need less and less experience in the first levels, simply multiply that by X

For example, interpolation. x * x * x It looks like this:

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Unfortunately, I can not give a more concrete answer than this, because each game has multiple ways to modify the difficulty, by giving more monsters to the player, granting more experience, giving more teams, etc. I hope this can help you get started.