c ++ – Find image files packaged in file types. (binary) (.as7 that contains images of .tm2 ps2 format)

While using the Hex editor, what do you look for if you scan a file for possible images packed inside? Types of headers, I'm not very interested in programming, but I'm here to learn and, once I do, I can keep growing. I have a specific file that I think has images with the tim2 file type (image ps2) packed inside. The type of file I'm trying is .as7. Any help is appreciated thanks.

this is .as7 in question:

Undoubtedly, there are 12 .tm2 images that are hidden in their content (after searching the header TIM2 .tm2: 54 49 4D 32, you do not need to find the images & # 39; bit depth for (at least) be visible in the rainbow tool: (https://github.com/marco-calautti/Rainbow/issues/3) or OPTPIX image Studio.
Capturing the bytes from the first .tm2 start to the end produces an illegal bit depth error in the previous tools; But this particular file is actually read by the game in question, so it's certainly there.