c# – Event Driven Architecture how should channels be used

I’m using event driven architecture, to perform realtime signal proccessing and to provide independent metrics.

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I decided to use a redis cluster to act a cache and a message bus.

I’m a bit confused on the best route for the architecture. Each node has other nodes which subscribe to it’s values. Some of the nodes the information is important and should be written to the DB while others should just be passed along to the next node in the chain (since the value at the time isn’t important enough to store globally).

  1. How much overhead is involved when using channels?
    Should I use a single channel and parse everything from there
    OR Would it be better to use a channel for each node?

  2. Should every event use redis? e.g some parts of the communication don’t need to be stored e.g (Time,Price,Quantity) come from the exchange I don’t see why I would need to publish them to be persisted, However for simplicity I don’t want to have manage multiple code paths