Buying in the existing business question

I am looking to buy existing business opportunities in Texas. This business is an independent ER in Texas operated / owned by physicians. I'm not sure how to assess the sales proposal and I'm looking for guidance.

The offer is $ 200,000 per share A / B in the company. The seller is offering 3 A / B shares for a total of $ 600,000 purchase price. Part A of the business purchase includes 1.33% of capital in the business per share, so it would be 4% of the total assets. Monthly distributions are made based on the benefit of the site and payments based on the assets. The part of action B includes 1 guaranteed shift of 24 hours per month to work. Then, in total, I would be working 3 shifts of 24 hours per month in the facilities. The hourly payment is $ 150 per hour, or $ 3600 per shift, $ 10800 per month. Each B action (24 hour shift) worked per month also entitles me to 1% of the total profit distributions for each month.

Profit distributions for the site have been constant for 2 years and are generally around $ 200,000 per month. Assuming I bought the 3 shifts and worked them, I would get $ 10,800 per month of salary, $ 8,000 in A equity of shares and $ 6,000 per month of the distribution of 1% of the shares of B (24 hour shift) worked.

In total, I would collect $ 24,800 per month from this investment. Of this, only $ 8,000 per month is passive income (one share). I can sell B shares in the future, but continue to collect passive income from A shares, which is ideal for me.

My question is the valuation. I'm not sure what to include in this assessment? Did I just include the share A share? Do I include the A / B share with the payment per shift? What would be a good price to pay for this opportunity? Any advice would be much appreciated!