Buy Facebook Like – I like website

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Google uses social media signals as a ranking signal, which means that a site that has many of them will go up and up in the rankings until it reaches the first page of Google.

Description: I will generate "like" on Facebook for your website that will be displayed on the "Like" button on Facebook that you have on your site!

That being said here is my offer, guys!


5,000 = 10 $
10,000 = 20 $
30,000 = $ 40

I like them are generated manually and those that do not fall will also last a lifetime!

To order contact me here simply click on PM in my post.

All I need is the URL of your website. Keep in mind that I only accept legal sites. Do not get upset if you have a website for adults or pirates!

Payments are made through PayPal!