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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a site, blog or even forum in hiche related. I would even consider a blog review of editorial networks.

Technology / how related sites (news, reviews, information, etc.):

– Minimum domain of 3 months.
– At least 50 UV per day last month.
– Minimum 70% of original content.

Cooking recipes (native, homemade, exotic, all can happen):

– Minimum domain of 6 months.
– At least 50 UV per day.
– Minimum 90% of original content.

Tourism (everything goes from reviews to reservations).

– Minimum domain of 1 year.

Earnings are not that important because I'm looking for places I can not keep due to lack of time, money or any other reason.

Google Analytics access to verify statistics is a must. If you have something to offer, send me a link and basic information in PM. If I'm interested, we can solve the rest. :)

PD does not offer sites with fake traffic because someone has told you that you can get 10 000 "real" users for $ 5. These guys are just swindlers because anyone with little knowledge can see the difference and, to be honest, if it feels good … well …: D