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The only person that feels that he is doing good things, that he is active at times and goes beyond is @Ash but I agree that all team members are not on the same page and are doing their own things. How often that the team talks about something has to do with what is new or what has been reported?

When I was a staff member, we had a staff tip and everything we had to do. Everyone at that time had to post updates and information on the staff issues forums, like when I finished a battle on the site, I had to say who won and who gave FP. $ cash (at the time that CM was not related to the sending of FP $). I see that the staff comes and goes, and most of them are not active or are not doing their job. @Rick Ace was promoted from @Cameron Taylor he knows it, and they both know each other in some way, but the day you can not always add your best friends.

We always said @Princess MeowsePad Mention this many times that FP has for many staff members, and look at the results! o_O last online!