browser: the Angular2 website freezes in Chrome for Android but not in other applications or other smartphones

My website freezes and causes my entire smartphone to be left behind when I visit this special page (here) on a Samsung GS7 with Google Chrome. There is no problem when using a PC. However, when I use Samsung's default web browser, I have no problem on this smartphone to see this page.
Also, I tried another smartphone with Chrome, no problem (but what is strange is that I never had any problems of this type with my GS7).

Of course, I rebooted my google chrome application and restarted my smartphone, but the problem is still there.
My site is light and it passes well all types of reference points, that is,
Desktop chrome audit for embedded smarpthones.

I use the fontawesome CDN, maybe it's the cause?

This page contains 4 components that use 4 entries each and are shown with bootstrap.