browser – Disable Google search page autocompletion (“auto-suggestion”), FIREFOX

This question has been asked a lot … in the past I used to be able to be able to accomplish this by going to this URL:

… but that hasn’t worked for years.


  1. I am talking about FIREFOX, currently using version 72. Please please please do not tell me anything about the nasty Google Chrome product.
  2. I am talking about a desktop browser, not an Android machine.
  3. I am not talking about Firefox’s “search bar”, which you can optionally include in one of your toolbars
  4. I am not talking about Firefox’s “URL bar”, aka “Address bar”, where you supposedly enter a URL directly.
  5. I am not talking about disabling Firefox’s “autofill” thing, which is where an online form can automatically have fields filled by some wizardry.

I am talking about the box in the centre of the page you see when you go to (or

I have searched (hard) on this in the past, and it has been one factor that has led me to use DuckDuckGo, etc. as search engines. But the quality of the results still appears to be higher on Google, and for certain purposes I want to be able to use Google without the intrusive and annoying experience of these “autosuggestions”.

I have read about uBlock (a Firefox add-on) which is supposedly able to do this, but althogh I’ve installed the uBlock add-on I can’t really figure out if this is true, or indeed what uBlock actually does.

In the past I have also used Apart from its privacy claims, this site also claims that it uses Google results… but when I was using Startpage they were never as comprehensive as the Google results, so I’m as baffled about that as everything else.

Anyone who has found a solution?