bootcamp – Is safe?

I've had tons of scaling and performance issues when scaling 3D apps and games on Windows on my MacBook Pro 16 "2019 (16.1 MBP) due to the extremely outdated AMD drivers that Apple includes with BootCamp. When searching online, the Solution to install a custom version of more modern drivers from, a website that provides improved 3D drivers for Mac that run Windows. Before putting something valuable on my Mac, I decided to try them and, as expected, everything was simple and Scaling issues have been fixed (rendering any full-screen game unplayable.) Since then I deleted Windows and was planning to reinstall it now.

While the drivers work great, I can't find much information on the internet about how they are made. How can I make sure they don't contain malware of any kind? I doubt anyone is implementing a Trojan designed specifically for high-end MacBook users running Windows looking for drivers that are not several years old, but is there any way to be a bit more secure, perhaps by actually comparing the drivers with the originals ?

It appears that the custom AMD graphics driver installer also installs a certificate root to enable the signed code Does this provide any kind of security or can someone create such a certificate to be approved by Windows?