boot – Installation done. But it does not start

I have a Fijitsu Lifebook A531.
Removed windows and tried to install ubuntu by live usb, 20.10 ver.

I have tried 2 usb keys, different distributions (ubuntu and xubuntu), key made by different apps (rufus and others). I tried to do maual partition for disk, using different partition tables (msdos and gpt), but also tried with automatic partition. No matter, result is always the same. Installation goes straightforward, no issue: ask me to restart, remove usb media… and at the restart, appears this click screenshot
And then bios boot. Ubuntu does not start.

I tried to restart using usbkey, checking if disk is broken or corrupted… no disk resulted ok by any physical check. Tried to repair boot loader… and other procedure I have found here and there in forums. Nothing seems to work. Running gparted after automatic partitioning this is how disk has been partitioned

Hope anybody can help me.

Thanks. Ioria. (Sorry for not perfect english)