boot – Black screen after booting from USB to install

This is my first attempt at Ubuntu.
The original laptop is running:
Asus A43S Intel i5
Windows 10 (free update from window 7 during the period of introduction of window 10)
4Gb of RAM
Nvidia GT-520M

I created the USB boot using Universal-USB-Installer-, with the BIOS ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64
Booted in BIOS using the F2 button, selected to boot from USB (UEFI enabled)
The selection page appeared, try Ubuntu without installing, install Ubuntu, etc.
Tried both options, the results are the same.
Right after the selection, the screen turns black (but the background lit up and the fan started to run a little faster)
This remains the same for more than an hour without any progress.
Is my machine too old to run Ubuntu?
Any idea how I fix this?