boot – 20.04 breaks various 18.04 features – Wake from Suspend -Colour themes – Alt+Tab – Krusader – Double Commander

Ubuntu Studio (Xubuntu / XFCE desktop)
Upgraded to 20.04, from 18.04 yesterday, and so far, am saddened by how much basic usability stuff is smashed.
Wish I hadn’t done it. I should have known better!

I am running stock Dell Optiplex 9020, 8gb ram, platter HDD.

Various problems below — should I start independent threads?

  • PC Doesn’t wake properly from suspend (brings me to login screen – can’t see my password being entered in the pwd field,
    and when I type it and press enter, this does nothing (repeated attempts).
    Opening a TTY, I get a blinking underscore, and cannot enter any text – seems to glitch to a halt.

  • I am a dark theme user, and the upgrade has messed up colour themes in various places and applications
    (esp. file browsers, esp Krusader which makes basic stuff hard to use)
    eg. finding I can’t run dark mode AND use krusader,
    because Krusader colours become unusable
    (Can’t see the menu items because they are completely black.

    Can no longer rename files because renaming makes text bg completely black, so I can’t see what I’m typing).

  • Dark theme – alt+tab (scroll through items in a list view) no longer has a highlight,
    so I no longer know where in the list of applications I have scrolled to (very annoying I use this constantly).

  • Double Commander has a markedly slower response time in use.

  • graphics (drivers) a bit glitchy (on startup, takes a while to sort itself out)

  • slower boot / load and start-up times

  • slower response times (obvious one is opening the whisker menu is noticably slower, esp. after boot)

  • grub only allowing low-latency version of ubuntu – and not standard version, etc.

So, essentially, for all intents and purposes, 20.04 has broken dark theme for practical use, as far as I’m concerned, and various other basic things.

Any help on any of this much appreciated.
Although it’s partly just me complaining ):