bookings – Can I take trains in Finland even if it shows sold out?

This heavily depends on the type of train you are planning to use.

In general there are 5 different type of trains you can use with your Interrail/Eurail pass

  • regional trains which are included in a pass and no reservations are possible
  • trains with reservations available but not compulsory. If you don’t buy such a reservation before boarding the train you might not get a seat at all.
  • you are not allowed to board trains with compulsory reservation without one. There is mostly only a limited contingent of reservations available for rail pass holders (typically high speed and night trains)
  • sometimes you are only granted a discount on standard ticket fares. (E.g. Eurostar and Thalys)
  • some trains in Europe such as hotel trains for example don’t offer any discount for rail pass holders

There are the following train categories operating in finland:

  • Yöjunat (night train) and Pendolino (highspeed train) require reservations. You can’t take those trains if they are already sold out.
  • For intercities (IC) reservations are only recommended. The odds are high that you might not get a seat on this train if it is already booked up.
  • Pikajunat (P) and Taajamajuna (H) are interregional and regional trains and do not require reservations. Just board those trains!

You can actually find details on reservations organized by country on