block – CMainParams :: CMainParams (): Affirmation `hashGenesisBlock == uint256

Another thread, but I can not, I spent 1 week reading every post in this forum and in any other possible forum.

I created X11 hash / root / nounce from the GenesisH0 script,
If I compile the project I'm forking, everything will work.

Once you change

  • Static control points :: MapCheckpoints mapCheckpoints =
    boost :: assign :: map_list_of (0, uint256 ("0x00000ee3e5c7e3297303b5268ea76585c0142b85b7207314c01c97e62f6d479e"))

with the genesis hash


  • pchMessageStart 0,1,2,3

  • vAlertPubKey

  • nTime, nBits (0x1e0ffff0), nNonce (provided from the GenesisH0 script)

  • genesis hash + merkleroot

then do
then sudo make install

Each time I will get that failed statement.

I have tried all the possible codes that I found in githubs to create
the Genesis block with some calls to printf, without luck, we will always get a scope without scope in this action or something else.

doing any of the above I do NOT get a debug.log file.

I have to comment to the two

  • affirm (hashGenesisBlock == uint256
  • assert (genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256

in order to get a debug.log that returns

CheckProofOfWork (): the hash does not match nBits