Bizmo –

Why Bizmo?

Question: There are millions of free lifesavers! Why should someone join Bizmo as
member? Answer: Lifehacks are very useful, but if you see one by chance, usually
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I need it right now. And then, if you could use it well, you will not find it in the immensity of
internet more

 Bizmo builds a LifeHack library with the best classified LifeHacks and there you can
The hacks whenever you need them!

 Everyone can, but they do not have to, produce their own Lifehacks and upload them.
to Bizmo.

 Who carries Lifehacks, can win big prizes or …

 … promote the own business / service, since Bizmo allows you to put backlinks
below each video.

 If you have not produced any videos yet, you can learn how to produce videos with
Bizmo, get instructions, get to know the best and cheapest programs and images.
sources, get comments and can expand your media skills enormously.

 Bizmo defines life cuts in the broadest sense as any knowledge presented in the

Form of short concise videos. Classical educational areas such as mathematics,
Physics, chemistry, even languages ​​can be presented in this way.

 If you wish, you can share your hobby, your knowledge and special skills with ot
 Learn local and share globally!

 In Bizmo, members learn from each other and all are on an equal footing: the month
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Bank of the democratic school to which you can go!

Who could be interested?

 Actively participate in the creation of Bizmo, its Lifehack community, is
Attractive for young and old. Perfect for all those who want to create.
Something together with your children or grandchildren.

 Absolutely perfect for digital nomads who like to share their knowledge with others
Network always in the whole world and depends on good options to earn money online.

or with a smartphone.

 For all those who work in a network, because Bizmo is out of competition with a
Network marketing companies and it works as an additional network.

 For all those who are looking for a way to make money online or with a smartphone in a
In a simple and serious way.

 For all those who wish to start their own business with a small amount (€ 10/20/30).

 For all those who wish to accumulate a large passive income.

 For all those who finally want to make their dreams of a mobile life and work.

Become reality