Bitmex Crypto Currency Trading Bot and Bitmex Trading Signals



Here comes the first Bitmex cryptographic trading robot that is automatically traded in your account so that the HOPE finally finishes! – this is the ONLY community that provides ® Bitmex BOT – It is the most effective and productive BOT and the FIRST of its kind in Bitmex

The solution for all is ® Bitmex BOT that copies Bitmex signals, detects trends, obtains daily profits in your Bitmex account and eliminates manual work

Alone IN THE Bitmex BOT and forget about manual work: see how profits grow constantly

Benefits of Bitmex BOT:

This BOT copies the Bitmex signals from Telegram and performs automatic transactions in your account according to the selected amount / according to the established limit

BOT can trade from as little as $ 1 and is still able to generate profits consistently
Automatically detects the trend of the main currencies and daily gains of the scalp. Automatically buys and sells according to the leverage set.

It is an easy-to-use software for merchants who are at amateur or beginner level: easy to use, easy to obtain

Add your own strategy, indicators or customize it (contact us to get the same information)