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I'm running Bitcoind 0.17 on a Raspberry Pi 3. Everything went smoothly until I did something wrong (I guess) but I can not understand what happened. Now I have this error. Someone has experimented with this:


018-11-23T13: 11: 47Z Fatal LevelDB error: IO error: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/105794.ldb: Wrong message
2018-11-23T13: 11: 47Z You can use -debug = leveldb to get more complete diagnostic messages
2018-11-23T13: 11: 47Z

EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error
Fatal LevelDB error: IO error: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/105794.ldb: incorrect message
bitcoin on txindex

2018-11-23T13: 12: 48Z

Thanks in advance for helping me.