Bitcoin cash – BCH accidentally sent to BTC address … I tried using private keys in a BCH portfolio to retrieve, and no coins are shown

To recover Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from a Bitpay / Copay BTC wallet, follow the steps below:
1. Within the Bitpay / Copay application, navigate to Adjustments
2. Select the desired Bitcoin wallet and then touch More options
3. Touch on the Duplicate (Bitcoin Cash) option

By duplicating the BTC wallet, a BCH wallet will be created in your BitPay or Copay application with the balance of BCH.

The previous option for double it is not available for multi-sig BTC portfolios, and you will have to use the recovery tool to recover the BCH funds sent to a multi-sig BTC wallet.

So, please delete your history cache. To do so, open your BitPay application and follow the steps below:

  • Adjustments > Wallet > More options > Transaction history > Clean cache

And finally, look for directions.

  • Adjustments > Wallet > More options > Purse addresses > Scan addresses to find funds