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Bio x Keto is traveling and I'm trying to carry a heavy suitcase up a ladder when I was overweight, nobody really tells me, uh-huh, when you're thinner, many men stop and try to help you, so it's something like that. little benefit too um, let's see what else there is nothing that I am trying to think about obstacles for people who could lose. They want to lose weight. Diet is a great thing, it is an input and output of calories, you just need to calculate it, it does not. It really matters what you are eating, there are many new things like fasting diets. I think fasting is pretty healthy for you, as long as

Bio x Keto, do it safely, you should read about fasting. Fasting is basically not eating for 12 to 10 hours a day, you can eat at that time, but not much. Many people fear that if they put their body in starvation mode they will only straighten up, in fact, there are many myths that a lot of people eat too much protein when they start exercising because they just do not understand medical science, the only reason why you need to the protein is if you're really trying to increase muscle volume or are you someone who has a very fast