big sur – MacOS Big Sur – how do I disable/ skip verify on opening dmg

I have 2015 MBA running Catalina that at some stage in the past I managed to configure that when opening my own created dmg files (used for business data storage with encryption security) it no longer goes thru the verify process when opening – just straight to providing the password.

So I have bought a new MBA and installed Big Sur with clean install. Now I get the verify process each time I try to open my dmg files. Tried the “defaults write….. skip-verify” to no avail. (In fact on my 2015 MBA, this flag is not set anyway).
IT is extremely time consuming to have to go thru the verify process every time I want to open (several) of my data dmg files.

Does anyone know what I need to do to disable this verification step when opening my dmgs? (They are also kept on an encrypted NAS for security as well).