Best emerging network with direct link + daily payments?

First he does not want to pay saying that our traffic is inappropriate.

If that is really the case, tell your advertiser to point to the website instead of RON.

We are not here to provide you with free traffic.

You or your advertiser took LEGIT traffic (not bot traffic) but do not want to pay a dime = SCAM. Simple.

I do another adnetwork 3 times what I do with clickadu for more than 2 years.

If my traffic is incorrect, why can I do better with another ad network? That Polly from your company is insulting her and my traffic. And he also cheated me.

It's not my improper traffic, it's that you do not have the ability or the knowledge to make use of my traffic. _l_ polly

In this case, I can say that your advertiser or your company clicked Adu / Polly and do not know how to monetize my traffic. Then I decided to cheat my traffic.

If your company does not know how to monetize our traffic, it does not mean that you can cheat us.

You should know that your company must attend a course to monetize the traffic and understand the SCAM definition.

He took traffic but does not know how to monetize it, so he does not want to pay = SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM