Belkin Ip KVM 5232k Reset

Hi all!

I recently bought a very cheap IP Kvm from ebay. It is a Belkin 5232K KVM, however, the unit has a username and password configured and I can not access it. It takes about 3 minutes to boot, when an old-style screen saver appears that says Belkin 5232K and hot keys: scrolllock. Once I click on the scroll lock, a user message and password appear. I tried several combinations of username and password that I found on the Belkins site, including passwords: sMbremote. SMBremote, belkin, password admin.

I ran with Belkin's support and since the product is no longer manufactured, in reality they do not have documents, so they could not help me much …

After more searches, I saw a post here that said people had managed to reset one with a bridge:

So I opened my unit to find 2 possible bridge pins, but I do not have a lid (I have a spare one) but I have no idea which bridge and which orientation I should jump. If anyone has any suggestions on other ways to reset this device or on which bridges to jump, it would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm asking a lot since this device is exceptionally old. I will upload photos of the 2 jumpers.

There is also a web access panel, however I can not find it, as I have no idea what the IP address is.

Thanks for all your time,