Bee viral content – A hot content promotion tool

Do you want more people to share your valuable content?

Are you looking for a promotional tool that allows you to balance automation and authenticity?

I recently discovered an easy-to-use sharing tool that can help you do exactly that. Viral Content Bee is a free platform to share on social networks. It helps you get more shared resources for your high quality content by putting it in front of niche influencers who love sharing excellent content.

In this article, you will discover how to use Viral Content Bee to promote your content through channels in one place while embracing the human touch. But before we realize that there are many strategies and content promotion tools out there. Keep searching and doing small tweaks until you find what works for you and your niche.

Let's dive.

Weigh the quality of its content first

Before immersing yourself in the steps of how to promote your content, you must first ask yourself a crucial question:

Is your content worth sharing? That's the key of everything. Quality content increases the chances of obtaining shares. To improve your prospects of seeing results, untie the knots in your content. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your content solve a real and annoying problem?
  • Is he swallowed?Free, attractive and lively?
  • Is the headline clear, specific and attractive?
  • Do you have a captivating header image?
  • And finally, the big one: is it incredibly useful?

Let me be frank with you: people will not share lousy content. No application, hack or platform can be more astute than quality. The rules of the platform clearly state that the unpleasant content will be rejected. Their extensive quality guidelines emphasize quality over quantity.

When you're ready with a quality piece, it's time to promote it.

Step # 1: Register and enable your social media accounts

First, go to and register for free. You can register through your Twitter or Facebook account or fill in a form.

Viral viral content


Once you are registered, the link in your confirmation email will take you to the platform panel. Next, activate your social network accounts by going to the configuration tab and clicking on social accounts.

Viral content of Bee's social media accounts


The platform is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Google+. You can use up to five Twitter accounts.

Each time you share the content of another user, you get credits. Keep in mind that you do not get any credit for sharing content on Google+. More about the credits and how they work in a moment.

Step # 2: Upload the article you want to share.

Once you have verified your account, you will be ready to advance to the next step: upload your content. Users are recommended to be very selective, so they should only send their best content that has real chances of doing well. To upload your content you need four elements:

# 1. The title of the article- Make sure it is clear, catchy or that it arouses the curiosity of the readers to have it checked.

# 2. The URL of the image of the piece. Remember to mark your image to increase your brand recognition.

# 3. A brief description of the Your description should act as a sales letter for an article on your blog so readers can buy it by sharing it.

# 4. And of course, the URL of the article.

Here is a photo with the required fields already filled in.

Viral content bee send new content


An ingenious feature that you should consider activating when loading your content is the retweet function. It allows you to receive notifications when someone shares your post and increases your influence score.

Increase your influence score


The platform allows you to customize your control panel and target your audience precisely by choosing your three favorite categories. This allows you to see only the types of content you want to share instead of being stuck with irrelevant content.

Viral bee themes


When you register, you get 10 free credits. That's enough for you to upload an article. When finished, wait for approval. The approval can take several hours, since it is done by a real human being to ensure that only quality content receives the approval.

Do not worry about the tail. Once your content has been approved several times, you will skip the moderation wait line since you will now be a trusted user.

Step # 3: Share other people's content

Sharing the content of other people is authentic and very easy.

Each article has a title, a description and buttons to share below. You can take a look at a piece and share it through your favorite channels if you like it. No bots share content in this program. They are real people who are impressed by your incredible content.

Viral content


As you can see in the screenshot above, you can read a short description of the piece to get an idea of ​​what it is: if you open the content appetite, click on the title and browse the article, and if you like it , you just have to click on the social network icons to share it.

The more you share, the more credits you will get to promote your own content. Credits are assigned on a sliding scale according to the size of your audience.

Viral content bee credits


As you can see in the image above, the higher your audience, the more credits you will get. Keep in mind that you need at least 100 followers on Twitter and a minimum of 250 friends on Facebook to share the content of other users.

Use the buffer function to program your actions so they come out at the exact intervals you want. You can also track the number of actions your article gets on the statistics tab. Here are some numbers that I took out of the system.

Results of viral content of bees


The graph above shows that this particular post seems to be gaining some strength on Twitter. This convenient statistics function helps you see which channel works best for your business, so you evaluate your social media strategy and allocate financial and human resources accordingly.

For example:

  • If you see that your content is getting some traction in StumbleUpon, you should try StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.
  • Or if you notice that your posts are popular on Twitter, maybe it's time to evaluate your marketing strategies on Twitter.
  • You may find that your articles work well on Facebook, so you should consider investing in Facebook ads.
  • You may get more shared resources on Pinterest, that means you will make your content marketing more visual and more involved in that channel.

Each time you share another person's content, you get credits while they charge you when your content is shared.

It's about keeping your bank credits complete so your items can be shared. When your credits are running out, you receive an email notification to recharge. Each time new posts are added, your posts are transferred to pages 2, 3, 4, etc., which means less actions for you. To keep your content on the first page you have to add 30 credits.

An interesting suggestion to increase your piece to page one at regular intervals, especially when it is new, is to add credits in lots of 30 or more credits. If your post is shared while you have no credits, the part will not be published until you win a little.

If spending time earning credits sounds like a big hassle, you can always upgrade to the paid monthly plans. There are two levels. First, there is the $ 19.95 plan that receives 200 credits per month and the $ 49.95 plan that gives you 500 credits.

Sharing the content of other people strengthens their authority: more and more people will consider it as a reliable voice in their niche and will be more likely to share its content. Not only that. They will probably also look for your services and products.

Step # 4: Reach, interact and establish networks

A prominent feature of this tool is that it allows you to build real human connections with ease. It allows you to initiate a conversation without interruption following the one you share with the channel where the piece was shared.

The system takes out the details of a participant and the channel they used to share. This allows you to interact with people who share your content by clicking on the interact button in the interactions tab.

Viral alert content by email


Networks are a big part of the business. Clicking on the highlighted button allows you to instantly follow your promoter on social networks, thank them and grow their network. In this way, you can develop genuine relationships with other marketers and influencers. This is how I did it recently:


The interaction tab is an effective way to create fast connections and get more resources by sharing, retweeting, thanking and following those who promote your content.

If used correctly, this content promotion tool not only allows you to share. It also increases your traffic, creates your brand and allows you to meet with business partners. For me, the greatest benefit of Viral Content Bee is that it fosters real human connections and the community.

Summary: Tutorial of the viral content bee

Here's the thing: making the content noticeable is difficult.

Many of the content marketers are exhausted by the production of stellar content that they know deserves to illuminate the web only to become a cybernetic oblivion: ignored, ignored, forgotten. That is the harsh reality. According to a Buzzsumo Content, Actions and Links report, most blog posts receive a paltry 2 or less Twitter actions, 2 or fewer FB interactions, 1 or less Google+ actions and zero LinkedIn actions.

Sad hey

With this promotion tool, you can take your content from the abyss, be discovered by the search engines (and people) and create a real social stir.

Join Viral Content Bee now!