Battery life: Is your Galaxy S7 running slowly after the 11/2018 update of T-Mobile?

Several days after receiving this update, my phone became slow to do anything. Simple things like: swipe to answer calls is to take 2 to 4 seconds, turn on a screen when the call is also take several seconds. The battery life is also affected: I lose about 30% of the battery every day compared to the way I was before. When I see what the battery consumes, the Android system is the biggest consumer, around 10-20% every day.

In addition, the phone began to complain about running out of space even though it had a 32 GB SD card that was empty. Going to the storage configuration shows that of the 32 GB of internal storage I only have approximately 1-2 GB and that is after cleaning all the personal data. Most of the consumption is in the memory of the system. There is no way to see what the memory consumption of the system implies, since the stock tools do not show their content.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any idea how to solve it?