Backup solutions VPS / KVM

Hi all,

We have a mix of Proxmox and standard KVM nodes, all of which use Virtualizor for the management interface.

The backup system of Virtualizor is incredibly clumsy to say the least: its failure rate for backups seems to far exceed the successful backups and is an absolute nightmare to enable.

As such, are any of you experienced with a reliable and robust backup solution (either open source or commercial) to support the hypervisor nodes, with the ability to restore guest virtual machines?

We have analyzed vprotect, but it is quite expensive to make a backup of $ 1000 per node.

R1Soft is famous for being poor in terms of, well, most things, in my opinion, but because of block-level backups, the performance is usually pretty good. However, I do not think it is possible to restore KVM guests from a backup copy of the R1Soft node.

Bacula seems to be promising, but they have to organize a call to discuss pricing options, which is sometimes a bit of a deterrent.

Does anyone recommend a great solution, which is used for KVM backups?

We need backup copies at the node / hypervisor level, unlike the agents that run inside the guests themselves for obvious reasons as well.

Let me know what you think!