backend – back-end developing vs headless cms

I need to build an (unusual) e-commerce and a very basic erp for my startup.
I have some good knowledge from back-end programming (RoR, Dyango) and I need a data-model that is not trivial, because of customization of products. For the moment we have quickly built up a trivial wordpress site for to exist in some matter, but we need something different.

As boss of the startup I have to take some decisions. I have no time, in prospective, to develop and maintain the platform, sure I can start the work and prepare the road for future dev team.

After some thoughts, I reach this dilemma:

  • to use a back-end develop strategy, with some nodejs/express or other back-end solution, and leave me free to build my data structure (and this is the easy part), but struggle building all the critical code for data safety, e-commerce infrastructure, etc
  • to use a headless CMS that is probably more flexible than wordpress, probably save some time, but have some strong ties for the data structure? (I know that in this evaluation there is a deep ignorance about headless CMS solutions).

What do you think?