Availability groups: A matching network interface was not found for the resource & # 39; Cluster IP address & # 39; IP address & xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (the return code was & # 39; 5035 & # 39;)

In a cluster of one node in each site, the cluster is displaying this warning and error, because the cluster resource is # Cluster IP Address & # 39; of the type & # 39; IP Address & # 39; in the cluster function & # 39; Cluster Group & # 39; it has failed.
Based on the failure policies for the resource and the function, the cluster service can try to put the resource online in this node or move the group to another node in the cluster and then restart it. Check the resource and group status using Failover Cluster Manager or the Windows PowerShell Get-ClusterResource cmdlet.

SiteA – HostNodeA (xx.xxx.245.135) Windows server for sqlserver with an Ipad address and an IP address in subnet xx.xxx.245.140 for the SQL-DBS-CL1 cluster and the same for siteB and HostNodeB (yy.yy .247.135 .Yy. Yyy.247.140
in Failover Cluser Manger Under the nodes, it is displayed as in line for a Vote node as 1 and 1 and the other node votes 1 and 0.
But under the Cluster Core Resource, the HostNodeA cluster IP address xx.xxx.245.140 is displayed as offline and I can not put it online. Failed with the error "Failed to bring the resource" Cluster IP address "online.

HostNodeA cluster IP address xx.xxx.245.140 is converted or shown online only I after physically shutting down the HostNodeB.

And no disks were selected for this cluster for the failover of the SQL server between the sites.
With this configuration I can not go to the next step, that is, create AG and listen.