automation – Automating Time Entries for Contractors into Beeline from Salesforce or a spreadsheet

I work for a small nonprofit that places and manages high school and college interns at a variety of large fortune 500 companies.

We have our own time tracking system, TSheets, but some of our clients have their own 3rd party tracking systems that we have to manually enter data into per intern. Some companies have 30+ interns working for them and we have to do this on a weekly basis. Each intern has their own page, for each timecard (week), with individual fields for each day of the week.

Right now, all of our time entries go to our Salesforce account, and one of the most common 3rd party systems is Beeline, others include Fieldglass, IQN, Pro.Wand, etc.

I have automated data pulls from our Salesforce production to Excel and Google Sheets for different projects, but wondering if anyone can help me automate data entry into these 3rd party systems? From what I have found so far, it seems Selenium would be the best place to start?

I have no official tech experience but being a small nonprofit and personally often able to figure out tech issues or learn tech quickly have found myself increasingly responsible for our technology needs. Happy to have this be the reason I finally dive into real coding, but would definitely be coming at it as a beginner.

Thank you!