automatic learning – SAS: different way (than with the use of the save file) to record unknown data using hpforest

I have a problem possibly with the permissions to write a file in any location. I have tried both the server and the local places and nothing works.
Therefore, there may be a way to rate unknown data using a data set, etc. (similar to hpsvm where we specify outclass out = outclass outfit = outfit class = outest; or hneural where we specify
train outmodel = ).

Example of my code:

data stream (keep = Make - MSRP);
set (where = (Source = & # 39; Europe & # 39;));
data test (keep = Make - DriveTrain);
set (where = (Source = & # 39; Asia & # 39;));

proc hpforest data = train
maxtrees = 100
seed = 12345
maxdepth = 10
alpha = 0.1;
input Make - DriveTrain / level = nominal;
target MSRP / level = interval;
ods output fitstatistics = fitstats;

save file = "C:  Users  UI378020  Desktop  CCFC  model_fit.bin";


proc hp4score data = test;
score = "C:  Users  UI378020  Desktop  CCFC  model_fit.bin" out = test_scored;

Error I get:

NOTE: The HPFOREST procedure is running in single-machine mode.

ERROR: You can not open the model file to write.

I read both the documentation and some papers and I could not find an answer.

Also: I am trying to execute build this prediction in SAS DI.