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Between Apache and NGINX, which one is easier to configure?

Quote Originally Posted by realpaoz
See publication

I would like to run a web server in the future and I would like to know which one is easier to configure.

The answer is relative to the experiences and knowledge of the end users. Therefore, it is best to try the two and see which one is the easiest to pick up for you. This day and age is easy enough to turn a VPS billed per hour from digitalocean, vultr, linode or upcloud VPS providers and play / test and learn on the fly

Most people would still find that Apache is easier just because of the fact that a wider range of web applications has been developed with Apache in mind and the use of .htaccess for Apache modrewrites. Nginx does not support the .htaccess and Apache style modrewrites, so you need to convert those rules for those web applications / scripts to work with Nginx and PHP-FPM. However, a good number of quality searches on Google can help you discover it, as there is a growing library of online knowledge for Nginx and Nginx conversion rules compatible with web applications.

Personally, I prefer Nginx, since I have been developing my own LEMP stack for the last 7 years created for scalability and performance = Centmin Mod LEMP stack and it is my choice when I install new servers and dedicated VPS sites through native automation incorporated. in the creation of sites, etc.

windows vps in southern california – los angeles

Quote Originally Posted by muddy7
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looking for Windows vps providers with data centers in Southern California

I am currently with Alpharacks and their service is not good.

Any suggestions ??

What specification are you looking for and the budget of course.

Why are not you happy with the alfarillas?

Are you running any special application or is your vps specification adequate to run the required application? Have you consulted with an expert or aplharacks?

Recommended procedure to delete old files after updating the main version of the PostgreSQL database cluster

I (successfully) followed the update procedure in §18.6.1 of the PostgreSQL Manual to update a group of PostgreSQL databases from 10.7 to 11.2 (running Fedora 29). I would like to delete the old table spaces (some of which are user-defined table spaces) and other legacy files to recover space that is not needed from the previous cluster.

There are two approaches that I have considered:

  1. Connect to the cluster in the previous database as postgres and execute queries in the system table pg_catalog to DROP tables, table spaces, databases, etc.
  2. run find -L / path / to / tablespace / root -type d -user postgres -iname "PG_10_ *" exec rm -rf {} ; to remove directories in the locations of table spaces (note that the new table spaces share the same root directory as the previous ones)

After (1) or (2), it would eliminate the old PGDATA directory.

Is there a preferred approach (including methods not mentioned)?

Note that this is different from the following publication: How do I uninstall the previous version of Postgres in CentOS 7?

When one of the two entries must be updated to satisfy a consistency criterion, which should update (if applicable)?

Let's say we have three text boxes for positive numbers (for example, A, B, and C) that must meet the condition that their product is 1. For example, A = 0.5, B = 10, C = 0.2, would be an input valid

Once the user enters two of the numbers, the remaining text box is automatically completed. Therefore, if the user enters A = 0.5 and C = 0.2, the program will fill B = 10.

Now let's say that the user tries to write 5 in the input box. What should be done?

  1. Do not allow the user to change B. The problem with this is that the input 5 can be really correct, and one of the other fields is incorrect. The user would probably have to delete one of his other answers before he could enter B, which would not be convenient.
  2. Notify the user that the criteria are not met and do not allow them to send the form until they solve it. The problem with this is that the user has to manually ensure that the criteria are met, when it would be more convenient for the program to ensure this for them. Maybe they only know two of the entries and want the program to calculate the third one, for example.
  3. Modify A to 1 or C to 0.4. This is the option I want to use. The problem is that it is not clear. which one Modify. It depends on which box the user entered by mistake. If A is correct and C is incorrect, we do not want the program to modify A.
    1. One way to solve the problem is to put buttons to "block" the entries. Then the program would only modify the unlocked entries. However, these seem too complicated.
    2. Update the "oldest" entry (that is, the one whose last update is the oldest). The problem with this is that it could be very confusing for the user on how to enter the three entries he wants.
    3. Use solution 2, but place an "update" button below each entry that will update that table to meet the criteria. This is my best solution so far, but again it seems a bit complicated.
  4. 2D selector field The criterion defines a 2D surface in 3D space. It could allow the user to select a point in this field, showing the axes A, B and C projected on it. The problem with this is that it is not accurate.
  5. Anything else?

Which of these is the optimal user interface?

Bitcoin Core – Bitcoind does not start

I'm trying to make the Stadicus guide work for both Bitcoin Core and LND

I downloaded the blockchain and moved to the hard drive in my Rasp3

However, when starting the bitcoind service, I have this debug.log

2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Bitcoin Core version v0.17.1 (release version)
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z InitParameterInteraction: parameter interaction: -whitelistforcerelay = 1 -> configuration -whitelistrelay = 1
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Assuming that the ancestors of block 0000000000000000002e63058c023a9a1de233554f28c7b21380b6c9003f36a8 have valid signatures.
2019-02-23T23: 47: Configuration 58Z nMinimumChainWork = 00000000000000000000000000000000000000028822fef1c230963535a90d
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z using the implementation & # 39; standard & # 39; of SHA256
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Default data directory /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using the data directory /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using the configuration file /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using a maximum of 40 automatic connections (1024 file descriptors available)
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using 16 MiB of 32/2 requested for signature cache, capable of storing 524288 elements
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using 16 MiB of 32/2 requested for script execution cache, capable of storing 524288 elements
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z using 4 threads for script verification
2019-02-23T23: 47: start of the 58Z programmer thread
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z HTTP: creating a queue of depth work 16
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z The configuration options rpcuser and rpcpassword will soon be deprecated. Instances run locally can remove rpcuser to use cookie-based authentication, or they can be replaced with rpcauth. Please see share / rpcauth for rpcauth auth generation.
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z HTTP: starting 4 worker threads
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using the wallet directory /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z start message: Checking wallet (s) ...
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Use of BerkeleyDB Berkeley version DB 4.8.30: (April 9, 2010)
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Using wallet wallet.dat
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z BerkeleyEnvironment :: Open: LogDir = / home / bitcoin / .bitcoin / database ErrorFile = / home / bitcoin / .bitcoin / db.log
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Cache configuration:
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z * Using 2.0MiB for the database of block index
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z * Using 8.0MiB for the chain status database
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z * Using 90.0MiB for the UTXO suite in memory (plus up to 47.7MiB of unused mempool space)
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z start message: Loading block index ...
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Opening levelDB in /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/blocks/index
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z successfully opened LevelDB
2019-02-23T23: 47: 58Z Use of the obfuscation key for /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/blocks/index: 0000000000000000

The same record goes on and on every minute.

Tested with bitcoind -reindex, however, all the reindexing blocks go to my /root/.bitcoin/blocks folder and are filled in 2 hours (12 gb of reindexing)
I also do not understand why the -reindex option addresses my / root / folder instead of / mnt / hdd when I try to run bitcoind normally.

Does anyone have any clue about this? Thank you!

How to add USB camera device properties

Those are the properties of the camera device. Is it possible to add additional properties?

enter the description of the image here

exaltado – Rules to Intercept Attacks

Scroll of Errata (2012 version, also known as the 2½ edition) features the Defender action. He does not force an attack to hit your PC, but tempt enemies to use the opportunity if they get enough hits.

Page 43, Falling flower style, Live shield technique can directly interpose the stylist in the way of an attack, & # 39; to force & # 39; taking it (or stopping it). This is a first charm in the style chain, so it should be easy to obtain.

Page 146, Battlefield style with scarlet drawings, Defense of fallen ivory. More esoteric and high prerequisite than the previous, but it is worth knowing.

Page 135, Prismatic arrangement of creation style, Charm redirection technique. In case you ever get to bend the rules in such a way that you get a sidereal style, this is it. But it is very unlikely that you can obtain this technique.

Opencart Cache Issue | Web Hosting Talk

We have installed OpenCart version and this version seems to have some kind of cache problem. When we try to load any image from Catalog >> Products, it does not show the loaded image instantly, but the image has already been loaded. The same goes for file deletion, it is not updated instantly. It is taking some time to update.

We have tried to install previous versions and it seems that they have no problem. Guide what might cause this problem and what should be done to fix it.

cPanel version 78.0.11 – Selling LiteSpeed ​​now?

With the latest version of cPanel v78.0.11, I noticed WHM> Software> EasyApache 4 with a very noticeable link to buy the LiteSpeed ​​web server.

I have nothing against this product, but really cPanel?

What about the long-standing request we made about adding Nginx as an independent? @Bennyvasquez ?