oracle: I do not know how to correct the mutation activation error ORA-04091

I am learning Oracle SQL, but when I deal with triggers, I find an error that prevents me from updating the values ​​in that table.

The mistake is:

error ORA-04091: the USER.LINEAS table is mutating, the activator / function may not see it ORA-06512: in "USER.TRG_UpdateAcquired", line 5 ORA-04088: error during the execution of the activator & # 39; USER.TRG_ACTUALIZARPEDIDO & # 39;

I learned about that, but I can not find a solution or understand for myself what the problem is.


sumImportLineas NUMBER: = 0;


Thank you!

hierarchy – QUAD check box needs

I have read discussions about three-state check boxes, and even these are controversial: we have an even more complex problem with our software. We need 4 options and we can not find the best way to do it in a logical way. I have read again and again that a parent should not be selectable without selecting a child. For us, this is simply not true. Show the hierarchy below. A user can be a member of the father, or any of the children, but not both. We need a way to select check boxes to filter and locate users in any of these scenarios:

1) Father ONLY (since they can not be members of the children's organization)
2) Child ONLY (since being in a children's organization does not mean that you are a member of the main organization, simply that your organization informs the parent)
3) ALL children (without parents: there may be up to 20 children, so the individual selection of each one takes too long)
4) ALL – parents plus children

This problem arises again and again, even with the option of three states checkbox, we still do not have an easy way to toggle between these options. I would appreciate any idea no matter how random it is! We train our clients specifically in all the elements of our system, so, if it is not intuitive at the moment, the time-saving functionality in this case is more important than the additional training.

Thank you!

sample hierarchy

Recover Bitcoin Wallet information

I sent some bitcoins (worth around 1000 usd) to one of my wallets and I can not remember which wallet it was. Now I'm checking my wallet and I see that the balance is still there. Can someone tell me how I see the wallet information using the wallet address (3CGphwQHf5QvK6dMrLcLQvQNCuBsc85T5k) or the name of the wallet (1fac700f695d9d63). Anyone who has helped me access my wallet will be rewarded!

a data set of several csv files

In a folder I have many csv files, all sharing an identical header. I can use Semantic importance to produce a Data set of each one and then Join these in one Data set. Is that the correct way to proceed? Or does WL admit in some way a massive reading (like, for example, the R bulk reading package)?

Is there any spell only for sorcerers officially in Pathfinder?

In D & D 3.5, many of the "Dragon-something" reference books had spells that were in Sorcerer's spell list, but not in Wizard's. Some of them were of double purpose, others touched the draconic nature of the sorcerer, etc.

Are there spells like that officially in Pathfinder? Spells only for sorcerers, preferably interacting with their blood line powers? I understand that they are not so much necessary because Sorcerer now has his own treats, but I'd still like to know.

Problem when searching for them: even in D & D, they were listed as spells "Wizard / Wizard", with "spell only sorcerer" in small print. So this is not something that can easily filter. Or, if I can, I do not know how.

I tried Google "only sorcerer" on but I only got results from Sorcerer's options: beyond the bloodlines. Copyright 2011, Super Genius Games; Author: Owen K.C. Stephens and I do not know if it is a balanced reference book, allowed in organized games, etc. I doubt it's in the official Pathfinder rules state, but those are all the results I found.

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Why does Donald Trump continue to attack the Mueller Report on Twitter and declare him totally exempt from the crimes?

Maybe because it is more of a piece against Trump than the results of a supposedly detailed investigation.

The bias is obvious. For example, if a person is badly done in some way and has an association with Trump and Clinton, then only the link to Trump is mentioned.

The same goes for people who have ties to Russia and who also work for the FBI. If they can be used to defame Trump, only his link to Russia is mentioned.

Mueller uses media articles to back up his claims, not to mention that the article happened because they leaked the details to the media.

There is a lot to criticize.


Weapons – How does the coating of a spear affect Mitral?

I wondered how a spear's cloak with Mithral would affect it. Mitral weapons are lighter than their normal properties, so how would a weapon with special property affect a mitral? I do not know if I am answering my own question, but would the spear only have the versatile property? If the spear had versatile property, what dice would you throw for attacking with one hand?

mobile – Navigating a double top bar

I have encountered a UX problem in a site I am designing. I feel there is an obvious solution but I have trouble finding it.

I have a site that has a sticky global bar. In the middle of the site, I have a tabbed browsing component. There are 3 tabs and the windows of each one contain a kind of extensive content.

I feel that my users will want to be able to navigate between these tabs without having to slide the page again.

Obviously I do not want to duplicate horizontal sticky bars. I can not replace or edit the global bar at all.

I'm thinking of a collapse to the side option. Or maybe turn it into a carousel with sticky arrows left / right?

Design proposal

icloud – Shortcuts: save a file to a specific folder that is NOT '/ shortcuts /'

I'm trying to create a shortcut from the action sheet to save a file to a particular iCloud Drive / Files folder. However, inside the options for the action "save file" in the shortcuts only allows me to save in the directory '/ shortcuts / & # 39 ;. How can I change this to be able to specify a file path that is not inside '/ shortcuts / & # 39 ;?

enter the description of the image here