game design – Which systems use a dice pool *and* highest score mechanic?

EvilHat Productions’ Don’t Rest Your Head has a dice pool mechanic that does essentially that. You roll a number of d6s that come from three different sources, and must be distnguishable. The total number of successes is determined (successes are 1-3), and then it is determined which pool dominates (domination has both mechanical and storytelling effects). Dominating is determined by which pool has the most 6s, and ties are broken with subsequent values. The players have three pools (Discipline, Madness, and Exhaustion) and the GM has one pool (Pain). Discpiline is the most inherent and limited pool. It’s a good thing when it dominates (for the player). Exhaustion and madness ramp up a player’s power, but at the cost of bad things happening when those pools dominate. Successes are tinged with bad effects, and you risk running into permanent trouble. Pain dominating means that you may succeed at what you set out to do, but something else goes horribly wrong.

It’s a very dynamic system, that I haven’t had too much chance to play with, since I’ve had a little trouble sculpting anything coherent from it. it’s a great read, and a fun setting. Just not sure about how to scale encounters etc…

terminology – For a completed status of task, “Completed” or “Succeeded, which one is more clear to the user?

Personally I prefer using “Succeeded” than “Completed” to indicate the task has been successfully completed without failures in the context below, I was suggested to use “Completed” by UX desgin lead, need to figure out the suggestion behind. So before that, I’d like to know your opinion on this. Thanks.

Currenlty we defined five status for task

  • Not started
  • Started
  • In processing
  • Completed with failures (1/5) (note: one of five sub-task is failed)
  • Succeeded (note: all sub-tasks are completed)

BTW, the task is used for async batch operations in the product, one task can have one or multiple sub-tasks, a sub-task is for a single operation.

automatically turn iPhone sound off after a certain duration

automatically turn iPhone sound off after a certain duration – Ask Different

magento2 – Magento 2 REST APIs fetch results by store code

When i am trying to fetch the orders, & customers & products collection by using store code I am getting another store results aswell. Did any one facing the issue in the magento 2.4 version? please advise how to overcome this issue.

as per theattached screenshot below, there are two stores demo1 & demo2. Here i am trying to fetch the collections for demo1 store.

enter image description here

enter image description here

ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App

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ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App – ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App

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Chatbull is complete Php, MySql and Angular based live chat support plugin that is provide quick suppot to your cutomers …

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sharepoint server – Kerberos Authentication not working in IE

We enabled Kerberos authentication for our on -premise SharePoint web application.

After enabling kerberos, users are able to access the sites in Chrome without issues.

However in Internet Explorer, they get repeated password prompt screen and end up with a error message saying

“Not authorized HTTP Error 401. The requested resource requires user authentication”

I followed all the troubleshooting steps in this article but still get same error: reviews Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT?

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3-hitting set iterative compression

I have a question which I tried to solve without success. I need to prove that if 3-Hitting Set can be solved in time $2^kn^{O(1)}$,then 4-Hitting Set can be solved in time $3^kn^{O(1)}$. There is a hint- Use iterative compression.


macos – Lost keys after formatting Mac HD

Unfortunately, it is currently impossible (rather: computationally unfeasible) to recreate the private keys from the public keys (otherwise they wouldn’t be “private”, and public keys wouldn’t be, as they are, safely discloseable to all and sundry). The passphrase is just an encryption of the private keys, and while required for their recovery, it is not per se sufficient – you still need the encrypted private keys.

There is, perhaps, some small hope of recovering said encrypted private keys from the formatted disk, since formatting is not the same thing as erasing. The private keys are small and their format is distinctive, so if they have not been overwritten by the OS reinstalled files, it is possible they’re not only still lying somewhere in the free space of the disk, but they’re in a single, recognizable and thus recoverable fragment.

The disk must be set off line as soon as possible to prevent further writes to increase the risk of overwriting the data, and the free area examined with forensic tools by an expert or at least someone familiar with the mechanics of this undertaking. The operation can take several hours depending on the hard disk size.

If the disk has been already filled with data, or worse, a “secure erase”, “secure format”, “diagnostic rewrite”, or similar operation has been performed prior to the reinstallation, then recovery chances are nil – that’s literally the point of a “secure erase”. Sorry.

Which is the best way to earn online money from home ?

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