sql server: column operand type clash calculated in the date column when it is checked if there is null

This error is generated when trying to create a table with a column calculated from a Date countryside.

Operand type clash: int is incompatible with date

If I comment the calculated column, it works.

(DateInActive)(Date) NULL,             -- Date origination
(IsValid) AS (IsNull(DateInActive, 1)) -- Failure here

Thinking in IsValid is simply to return a bit of ignition | off for this field to indicate no inactive The date has been reported and, if so, is valid.

The column will finally be passed to JSON in a For JSON exit as a is-a field for use outside of SQL.

Full SQL

CREATE TABLE (history).(PhoneBook)(
    (PhoneBookId) (int) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    (PersonId) (int) NOT NULL,
    (PhoneId) (int) NOT NULL,
    (DateActive)(Date) NOT NULL,
    (DateInActive)(Date) NULL,
    (IsValid) AS (IsNull(DateInActive, 1))
    (PersonId) ASC,
    (PhoneId) ASC


usability: drop-down list with advanced search

I am creating a control to allow users to select an item from a list. The number of items can vary greatly, from a handful to millions.

A drop-down with autocomplete Functionality seemed like a sensible choice. If there are few items, a user can click on the arrow and select the correct one; If there are many, you can quickly find the right one by typing the name of the item.

However, sometimes this is not enough. With several thousand items, a user may require more advanced search criteria to find what they are looking for. Currently, this is implemented as a search button next to the field that opens a dialog box with additional search criteria:

Mockup of the current drop-down control

The user enters the criteria and clicks on Look for! button, whereby the drop-down menu is filled with search results.

Unfortunately, there are problems with this approach. Some that I can think of are:

  • There is no visual indication that the drop-down menu and the filter dialog are linked
  • Search results are not immediately visible.
  • The drop-down menu remains filtered after the dialog box closes, without any indication to the user

So, I'm looking for suggestions. Is there any common way to do this that I missed? Do I need to rethink advanced filters? Can this be remedied simply by adding visual cues?

Make a blockchain based betting system

I am a beginner in the field of Blockchain. I have read some chapters of the Blockchain Blueprint books for a new economy and Mastering Bitcoin.

I think I have had enough theoretical knowledge and now I want to gain practical knowledge when doing a project for the Blockchain-based betting system (to allow users to predict cryptocurrency prices). I looked for some guidelines to implement it, but I couldn't find any relevant article. I have questions about how this system would work.

  1. Should the system have any traditional authentication based on username / password?

I think it should not be mandatory, since anyone with a private key and with sufficient funds should be able to bet

  1. What will blockchain store in this case?

I think I need to store the response (bet value) of each user.

  1. How do I make sure that a user doesn't bet more than once for a round (I'm thinking of having a betting round every X minutes)

  1. After a round is over, how do I collect money from users and divide it evenly among the winners? Where should the number of users be stored for a particular round?

  1. I want to have a functionality in which the administrator can ask prediction questions manually and also manually specify the correct answer just before a round ends. How do I achieve this?

  1. Does this application make use of smart contracts? If so, how?

I know these are very novice questions. I would have no trouble making this website without blockchains. But using blockchains seems like a difficult task. I'm not asking for the code, I want to code it myself, but I can't understand the logic and what to start with.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Any suggestions regarding the update on questions / tags are also appreciated! Vote this question if it makes sense. Thank you!

Transpose two lists with arrows and commas

I need to transpose the following two lists:

data0 = {99.52267, 93.78726, 99.67644, 99.85036};
error0 = {0.21152, 0.37626, 0.16309, 0.10167};

In right arrow and comma format

{99.52267 -> 0.21152, 93.78726 -> 0.37626, 99.67644 -> 0.16309,
99.85036 -> 0.10167}

Can you play an adventure of the Pathfinder Society created for pre-generated characters without them?

Some adventures of the Pathfinder Society include pregenerated characters. For example, Origin of the open path includes this text:

Origin of the open road It is an adventure of the Pathfinder Society designed for pre-generated fifth-level characters (Level 5).

In these cases, is it legal to play with level 5 characters that are not pregenerated?

I've been reading in the game rules organized for PF2e, but I don't see anything that describes a requirement to use pre-generated characters.

Site error since Chrome update

I'm not sure how long ago this started happening, but on my site (I won't link it, since it seems to be against the rules for linking a website in this category), the footer of my site will overlap the text when a Javascript has been activated However, when the browser window changes size or is maximized / restored, the footer returns to where it belongs.

This problem only occurs in Chrome, the site works fine in IE, Edge and Firefox.

I guess, basically, my question is, has anyone else had similar experiences with your website lately, and if they know of a solution or solution?

Sorry, I cannot provide any clearer details according to the rules of this category.

Thank you very much for reading and I appreciate any response!

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Republicans think public school teachers are unionized thugs?

I am a public school teacher. I work remarkably hard for long hours and sad salaries, with an average of 50-60 hours per week (including work outside of class). It is a myth that we have free summers. Teachers must receive professional development training during the summer. In addition, teachers get as much education as a doctor for when they retire. We have to continue our education while we work. . (tagsToTranslate) yahoo (t) answers (t) questions (t) Politics and Government (t) Politics

dnd 5e – We know someone is watching us. Is there anything we can do about it?

It would be unusual, for me, if there were no spell in the world that could "feed back" (as my DM says) in the fryer. In general, we are really creative about this kind of thing, but about this we have no ideas.

Otherwise, in addition to continuing to try to detect the scandalous orb and then cast a spell (or throw a thick blanket over it), or spend all our time in deep caves, there is nothing we can do.

I guess we could detect the person in some way? That, at least, would be something"Although we don't know who's watching." We only know what happens regularly (because we are great heroes and we are about to thwart a war, that's why).

Details and clarifications.

  1. They have a lock of hair from several of our numbers that were given many sessions when they WANTED to be seen doing heroic things by the public, by the Queen of Air and Darkness and it is a disaster.
  2. We have a flashlight of revelation, I think it is called, which reveals all invisible things, and has repeatedly revealed the orb that is the "camera" to look at. In our game we have become the leaders of those who fight against a distant evil Iron Empire; They are trying to discover the best way to beat us.
  3. What we are looking for is a way to hit them in the eye, using the energy that is their beam of light, that would be the best solution, but the central problem is that we feel helpless. We would settle for anything that could counter the screams of our party.
  4. We are at level 9 and we have two Clerics, a Ranger, a Rogue and a Fighter. I think it's right. Actually, they're much more than those things … 🙂 but that's what you really need to know.

GUI design: conceptual, semantic, syntactic and lexical levels

In relation to symbols or icons, the conceptual level It is defined as the mental model of the spectator; semantic level it is the meaning it conveys; syntactic level It is attributed to its aesthetic quality or its screen layout;

How would you describe the "lexical level" in connection with the iconography?

AppleScript to exit the streaming application

I need help fixing AppleScript for an application called "Transmission"

I am trying to write code to close once the downloads are finished

Is this the appropriate code?

-- Quit Transmission, if running

tell the application "System Events"
if ((count (each process whose name is "Transmission download")) = 0) then
tell the application "Transmission"
– Exit the transmission
final say
will end if
final say