Passion for trade: debates and help

Each trader has passion and works to the point where we get achievements because of the trade. He was excited when he was new to the trade and received losses over and over again. He condemned my life and there was nothing to do. In any case, my huge door opened with my XeroMarkets broker in light of the fact that his help is constantly dynamic. They offer the most amazing leverage, such as an adaptive margin level from 1: 1 to 1: 500.

Wise Robotics –

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We often forget that life is not just about chasing money. Daily worries consume us completely, and we forget about the real life we ​​had in our childhood. Remember how great you were when you were a child: nobody was interested in money. Who cared who cared?
What will you regret in ten years? It is very likely that you want to return to childhood. At a time when someone cares about you. When there is a strong mediator between you and the cruel world.
Our company is dedicated to automatic commerce. Namely, we develop robots to trade in financial markets. Every year the power of computers grows, and with it the speed with which they think. Perhaps a person can never catch up with the computer again. Emotionless. Endless analysis of the current situation and history of the last 10 years.

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8.1% daily (0.3375% every hour). 21 day period.
10 USD minimum. 100 USD maximum
Deposit the body back to the user

10% daily (0.4166% every hour). 17 day period.
Minimum 100 USD. Maximum USD 10,000
Deposit the body back to the user

247% after 17 days.
10 USD minimum. 100 USD maximum
Deposit the body back to the user.

347% after 14 days.
Minimum 100 USD. USD 50,000
Deposit the body back to the user.


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Registrar TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd
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Expires on 2022-11-30
Updated on 12/05/2019

Accept: PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, ETH

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Decentralized Blockchain application development services – Cryptocurrency Corner

Are you planning to build your own decentralized blockchain applications For your business? Osiz Technologies is here for you We are a leader blockchain application development company providing end-to-end blockchain services worldwide. We have more than 10 years of proven experience in the industry in offering blockchain solutions to all entrepreneurs, small businesses, new businesses and industrial sectors. Our team of blockchain developers who have immense knowledge about this technology and also good development applications according to the requirements of your business. We provide blockchain solutions for all types of sectors such as health, finance, supply chain, electronic commerce, insurance, games, real estate, etc.

Our blockchain services

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  • Solidity development

Platforms we focus on to develop Blockchain

  • Neo

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  • Ethereum

  • Waves

  • Stratis

  • Link of the chain

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  • Lisk

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How to add intellisense from .d.ts in an html file with VS Code?

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c # – Generation of reports in SOA architecture, efficient solution?

We have several web applications that work with several clients worldwide. They were written with several languages ​​over the years. This year, the company wanted to refactor and manage projects more easily. Then we convert our infrastructure to a service-oriented architecture. Each software that uses our common libraries sends a request with its user ID, projectID and a ServiceName to our main Service. Then, the main service searches the name of the service in DB, uploads and runs the service and serves the result to the requestor.

Each project also has a reporting function, but they were written in several tools over the years and we also want to refactor this part. Most reports are very similar to each other. We are thinking of creating a PDF generator module in the Main Service, where other applications will send their requests with their PDF Template, then the Main Service will render and serve the PDF by user language and authentication level. This feature will create 1 million PDF files in a month. After an investigation, we found a solution to store the PDF text in a relational SQL table, images in a CDN, when the user wants to see a PDF report, we will create them instantly and serve them. We will use XtraReports from DevExpress.

But how should we simplify the generation of reports? How should we analyze and store PDF file templates, how should the data link for variables work?

In my previous work, we were creating database views for each report, then JasperReport was taking the xml and linking the data. Here we follow Code's first approach, so I guess there are no views

We are using C # .NET Core 3x and Angular 7 with MVVM architecture and SQL Server 2014 as DB.

If a developer has a new report to generate, what should he do?

Any comments / suggestions welcome. This is my first question about stackexchange, warn me about the format or if something is not clear.

Drop-down menu where you can click on the sensitive / mobile view

I have searched the Internet for a while for an answer, so I hope to help here :]

I have a responsive drop-down menu that appears in the mobile view when a & # 39; Menu & # 39; button is clicked.

I have a submenu below the link & # 39; Care of rats & # 39; and I'd like it to appear when you click / tap on the Rat Care menu option.

Can anyone explain how I can achieve this?

My subject is Sela, by the way. I used CSS to hide the current submenu list, since it only lists the options, which makes the general menu too long.

I have found similar things that could solve this, but I can't find a way to integrate them into my receptive menu.

Thank you very much.

enter the description of the image here

Do you need DPI resolution in the media query for mobile devices?

I'm sorry for my English…

We often see that people give DPI resolution in their media query for mobile devices, what? We need it?

I usually build my Media Query for all devices (desktop, tablet and smartphone),

@media only screen and (device-width: 22.5em) 
               and (device-height: 40em) 
               and (orientation: landscape )

@media only screen and (device-width: 22.5em) 
               and (device-height: 40em) 
               and (orientation: portrait )

So, my question, do you need a DPI resolution in Media Query for mobile devices?

Thank you very much for your explanations!

linux – What is the most reliable script to return the IP address of real local ethernet links?

For some tunnel and link scripts, I need to find a real local Ethernet link interface (any) (no loopback) and its IP address.

Note This is a development environment, on my Linux laptop, and this configuration is dynamic (it could be Wifi, Ethernet, etc.)

Note I have lots of docker and kubernet subsystems running and, consequently, there are many bridges, virtual interfaces, etc.

This is what I have so far:

nmcli Can you give me wifi devices:

nmcli d  | grep wifi | cut -d ' ' -f 1

(But no local hardware link Ethernet like the reported type of nmcli for some virtual interfaces is also & # 39; ethernet & # 39;)

From this I was able to dodge some fragile JQs

ip -br -j a show dev $DEV | jq -r .(1).addr_info(0).local


Or, xkcd: // 208 my way to success?

ip -br a show dev $DEV | perl -nle 'print $1 if $_ =~ /.+ ((0-9){1,3}.(0-9){1,3}.(0-9){1,3}.(0-9){1,3}).*/'


  • ip have a type filter, but not one for real hw
  • I have seen nmcli, ip, ethtool, netstat : any other?

Adobe Camera Raw: Are all RAW data preserved when editing photos in Photoshop?

In all cases you have an intact RAW file. All changes (without loss) of the specially stored area are from the archive (when the archive is DNG), stored in a lateral archive (XMP) or in a special catalog (in Lightroom, for example).

And you can recover the intact RAW file simply by deleting this side file. Or resetting the settings you have made.

dual boot: move a partition in GParted

I am trying to merge into non-adjacent partitions in Ubuntu using GParted.
In the screenshot provided, there are two partitions, one is 19.53 GB (seventh from below) and another is 11.35 GB (third from below).
I tried to read different articles on the Internet about it, but I couldn't get the proper clarification.

Therefore, my question here is, if I move the other partitions and try to make adjacent unallocated partitions to combine them as one partition, will the movement process for another partition delete the data on the disks or not?