Now we contact the legal Taboola team directly to send us our winnings.


Partner description: MLF1 – Red
Partner Name: mlf1-network
Partner ID: 1253537

We are a company and we have worked with Taboola as editor. And when 3 months passed and the moment of payment arrived 02/15/2020, we did not reach the profits.

We contacted Taboola, all its members and nobody responded and everyone evaded.
The answer is the notification that Taboola received the message.

Our technical team temporarily removed the Taboola ads. Until the benefit reached …

The lady in charge of Finance does not want to send earnings and does not respond to emails.
Nurit Cohen
The manager assigned to our account does not respond as if he were a dead person.
Marcus Blockman

We realized that Taboola had stolen our profits and, therefore, legal proceedings against Taboola had been initiated.
In addition, a complaint against Nurit Cohen will be sent for underestimating us and not answering.

Our technical team will make bad reviews about Taboola on all platforms.
In addition, we will inform the world about the insignificant Taboola Company in press interviews, etc.

Taboola workers have no sense of responsibility and do not work for publishers …

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Btc Fx Signal –

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Small size image

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Type of withdrawal Handbook

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About the project:


BTC FX SIGNAL is a new generation investment platform created by an experienced group of professional traders and blockchain specialists. We have solid experience in both classic operations in FOREX, stock markets and modern operations in all known and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges.
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r – After the nearest 2: 1 neighbor with replacement propensity matching (using MatchIt): how to analyze the continuous variable that is not normally distributed?

I have paired two groups using the MatchIt package that matches the nearest 2: 1 neighbor with replacement. After the comparison, I want to compare the difference in a test score (range: 0-100) between the two groups; however, these scores are not normally distributed. I don't think I can use a weighted t-test (using the weights created by the correspondence program) since the data is not normal. What should I use to analyze this continuous variable after the coincidence?

Teams make relative estimates, companies want absolute estimates. How to make everyone satisfied?

This is the case:

  • Clients want to know how much time it will take to complete a particular task (not the task group). They ask for an absolute estimate of man / day and only when they get it, do they decide whether or not to approve it.
  • Teams are trying to avoid giving absolute estimates and focus on relative estimates (shirt sizes, for example)

The attempt:

  • Wear shirt sizes and agree with the team that sizes have ranges (XS-1 day or less, S-1 to 2 days, etc.). Communicate with the highest or lowest customer number in that range Keep track of the cycle time for the sizes and then calculate the cycle time for XS, S, M, L … If you are successful in this, tell the customer this cycle time.

Any ideas?

plugins – Conditional shipping options if certain products are in the WooCommerce cart

My solution is based on this source snippet:

I created a new shipping class in WooCommerce called "no-free-shipping" (the slug is important since it must be replaced in the code if it has something different).

In the functions.php file in your WordPress theme, add the following code:

add_filter('woocommerce_package_rates', 'xa_hide_shipping_method_when_shipping_class_product_is_in_cart', 10, 2);
function xa_hide_shipping_method_when_shipping_class_product_is_in_cart($available_shipping_methods, $package){
// Shipping class IDs that need the method removed

$shipping_classes = array(
$shipping_services_to_hide = array(
$shipping_class_exists = false;
foreach(WC()->cart->cart_contents as $key => $values) {
    if (in_array($values('data')->get_shipping_class() , $shipping_classes)) {
        $shipping_class_exists = true;

// Negation of shipping class exists.
if($shipping_class_exists) {
    foreach($shipping_services_to_hide as & $value) {
        //echo var_dump($available_shipping_methods);

return $available_shipping_methods;

My biggest problem was determining what the name of my "free shipping" option was, because there is no clearly defined slug in WooCommerce. To find this, I used the comment

echo var_dump($available_shipping_methods);

To print the name of the shipping option (in my case, "free_shipping: 1") that I included in the code to make it work.

Now, if any product with the "no free shipping" shipping class is added to the cart, the free shipping option is removed.

web hosting: should I point my domain to Cloudflare?

I have a couple of simple websites and my configuration has always been like this:

  1. Point my domain registrar to my web host (through name servers)

  2. Direct my web hosting to my email provider (through DNS records)

Recently, I noticed that some people include Cloudflare as an intermediary. So, from my limited understanding, your configuration is then:

  1. Point your domain registrar to Cloudflare (through name servers)

  2. Point Cloudflare to your web and email hosting provider (via DNS records)

What advantages and disadvantages does it entail?

I tried to find it but I searched Google for something like ┬╗Cloudflare between registrar and hosting┬ź It didn't help, unfortunately.

I also visited the Cloudflare website, but there are so many services they offer that I quickly stopped trying to find an answer to this question there.