Augmented reality: What is the best way for a user to place a 3D holographic model on their real object in AR?

We are working on an augmented reality application with Hololens glasses.

We have a "real" object, say a Rubik's cube, and we load its 3D model (a cube) into the Hololens.

We want to be able to place the Hologram (the cube) in the same position as Rubik's cube, to cover it.

We have been thinking of recognizing the Rubik's cube with the Hololens camera, then placing the cube where it is being recognized, but this is not working well.

We have been thinking about putting the cube in front of the user's eyes, but his perception of depth will be altered.

What is the best way for the user to place the cube on the real Rubik's cube?