attacks – SQL injection using brute force?

This is less a question about SQL Injection itself, and more about this particular ML based implementation.

I had to look at the code to understand better what the author tried to say with this example. To the best of my understanding, this is actually a very poor example, let’s remember this is a tool supposed to execute SQLi attacks, not to just run queries. In this example it seems like it is just trying to learn how to interact with a SQL server, what it’s not really it’s purpose, a much better(and realistic) example would be something along the lines of:

Input: SELECT * FROM example_table WHERE id == {ACTUAL USER INPUT}
Output: 1 // 200
Output: m // 500
Output: 1 OR 1==1 // 200

The “Input” field is actually the server-side query, and the Output would be the parameter the tool would give to the website.

Again, this is based on what I got from his article and code, to really understand what is happening I recommend you read the full code in the repository and try to run it yourself.