At what age should you think about your professional life?

In most professional markets, it is difficult to start, and even highly qualified young adults can fight. I think it is important for anyone 16/17 onwards to have a good eye on their potential career and take action to excel in that industry.

Of course, not everyone knows what they want to do and, at such a young age, they are very likely to make mistakes. But the ethics, the drive and the vision they set for themselves will be key to building the professional life they want as they find their way.

In addition, there are many ways to combine study, professional development and fun. Whether it is a year or a university course that allows international travel, students seeking new experiences will be rewarded later.

If that's not an option, placements at work can be a great opportunity and it's pretty easy for US teens. UU This type of experience can give young adults some of the work experience that will be rewarded after college, as well as a good demonstration of how to get out of their comfort zone to adapt to new environments, all of which will help them to stand out. when you are ready to think about your career.