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We are the American company Eternity Assets LLC, which has put automated trading of securities and other stock assets at the forefront of its business.
In addition, we provide investment fund management services, placing consolidated working capital in the best markets and international trade platforms.
There are no intermediaries! We earn money and provide profits, without allowing anyone into this complex and responsible process.
With us you will get benefits. This can be proven by hundreds of thousands of people who have used our services and are now reaping the rewards of trust and company in the form of high levels and protected from the benefits and risks.
It is possible thanks to the impeccable work of our Eternity consulting program and the hard work of the entire Eternity Assets LLC team.
Today, we have come even closer to our customers and give them the opportunity to work with us from anywhere in the world, through the site protected by high-tech online security.
Predictability of success. This aspect of working with us is based on the exceptional quality of the services provided and the impeccable reputation.
Of course, we will develop, improve and offer our customers even more opportunities.
We have become stronger and more successful with you and we are confident that our automated trading technologies will make our customers happy for many years with stable profits.

Standart 10-10000 $: 7% daily in 21 days, deposit included
Termless 10-50000 $: 3% daily forever, deposit included

Rate1 10-100000 $: 102.5-130% after 1 day, deposit and profit (closed)
Rate2 10-100000 $: 117-300% after 5 days, deposit and profit (closed)
Rate3 10-100000 $: 140-700% after 10 days, deposit and profit (closed)
Rate4 10-100000 $: 210-1300% after 15 days, deposit and profit (closed)
Rate 5 10-100000 $: 330-2000% after 20 days, deposit and profit (closed)
Rate 6 10-100000 $: 500-3000% after 30 days, deposit and earnings

VIP 10-10000 $: 4000% after 40 days, deposit and profitability
VIP + 10-100000 $: 4500% after 60 days, deposit and return of profits
VIP PRO 100-100000 $: 5000% after 90 days, deposit and profitability

Manual payments, up to 24 hours.

Reference Commission:
3% -1% for all
5% -2% for representatives

Payment processors:
Perfect money (verified, Italy), Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple.

Minimum deposit:
$ 10

Minimum withdrawal:
1 $ / 0.0014 BTC

– Unique script
– Unique design
– Dedicated server with Anti-DDoS;
– Company Eternity Assets LLC, registered in Missoury (USA)
– EV SSL Digisert (US)

Missouri Registry: registry.jpg

Contacts and social:


Support Center: [email protected]
Offers and cooperation: [email protected]

Our deposit
The amount of 100 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U1651590-> U18516492. Memo: Payment of the shopping cart. Deposit to Eternity Assets LLC .. Date: 14:37 02/24/1919. Lot: 247789316.

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