mvc – C # and titled Framework with ForeignKey between classes

Gallery in my projects .Net MVC | I use the structure below.
My projects, are with
Entity Framework`.

Folder entities, is the classes that I use in DbContext.
My question is: When it is used DISC and if they can have methods?

Clarification of the problem

I have class person ( and I create the class client (Https://
that has a property PessoID and "Person * as a ForeignKey and has the PessoaDTOto show the data visually more easily
and not take charge include in DbContext.

I have other "DTO" like this UserLoginDTO (, which is used in the view to log on to the system.
And I have others like this ElementoComboBoxDTO, ItemComboBoxInteroDBDTO, ItemComboBoxTextoDBDTO (Https://
which are to save the data of a list and generate a SelectList.

Sell, a little more thoroughly, I think ElementoComboBoxDTO, ItemComboBoxInteroDBDTO, ItemComboBoxTextoDBDTO they can be only a model.
I'm sure?


the PessoaDTO this right? Can you have methods to popularize the data? If it is not a DTO, what would it be? ViewModel? Hélder?

Thank you

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