core – Can I use the Entity Framework with a SOAP API layer on a database?

We have a hierarchical database in our institution that has exposed a SOAP endpoint as the only way to perform CRUD operations against them. We are mainly a .NET Core store. I'm trying to conceptualize what the architecture of an application that uses WDSL would look like. The main use case is to show the account information in a pleasant way, besides being able to modify it with the business logic behind the CRUD operations.

Is there any way to use Entity Framework Core with a SOAP API layer to access the database? If not, what is the recommended approach when designing a solution that does not use Entity Framework Core for its connections? I'm trying to apply the clean architecture approach to this solution, but all the examples I see use EF Core.

I started the task of storing the results of the main WSDL call, "getAccount", in a temporary SQL database at startup. Then I could consult the SQL database as usual. I was not sure if this was a standard practice or not.

The other approach would be to assign all SOAP calls to a REST interface using the web API. Then I could simply call the web API and I would make SOAP calls for myself. I started doing this manually, but I have seen tools that can "represent" the SOAP layer. Would that be applicable?