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Oh no, they are children. I just gave them a good legal way to watch anime, in HD and one day before they go up somewhere else. Kids love the novelty of being able to get a prize and watch new episodes as they come out. LOL!

Meh, I really enjoyed watching things in HD and without ads. In addition, supporting the industry. At 5 euros a month, it's very little and by looking at those sites with all your ads, it helps unscrupulous people make money. However, I do not say that I have never done it, since sometimes there is no choice if you really want to see something XD. Haha, in the forum, we never allow people to discuss WHERE they look at their things unless they are on one of the legal sites. The same with the new site. We try to be in solidarity with the industry. Our members do not have to do lol, they just are not allowed to name drop aka to advertise the illegal places.