as root using the command locate how to locate a file regardless of the owner, since locate can only find the files owned by the user "nobody" on FreeBSD

I tried to locate to locate a certain file that is dog.jpg, I just updated the location database and it does not appear, since locate only finds files belonging to the user nobody, and the file dog.jpg is owned by the user vincent. As indicated here,

The location database is typically built by the user nobody and the
The Locate.updatedb (8) utility jumps directories that are not readable to
nobody & # 39 ;, group “ nobody '', or world. For example, if your house
The directory is not readable anywhere in the world, none of its files are in the database.
How do I find the command find dog.jpg even if it is owned by the vincent user? I tried adding the nobody nobody to the wheel group, it is not shown as well.

Any other work or advice? Thank you!