Article 13 download filter | NewProxyLists

Hello ,

Here I think you all know more or less the next 26/11 that will be voted on. I think this article of law if I understood everything well.
There will be big bets on the web,

It may be that I did not understand everything and I did not find anyone to explain clearly what is at stake. I told myself that here, with courtesy and courtesy, we came to talk about it
and to discuss it well?

I would like to know clearly what will happen to the hosts?

Is it worth to host more files?
Do you still use web servers like:
– Uptobox and company?
Uptobox: server location: United States of America

Or go back in the slightly more expensive hoists and leave France?
As those who have their server in: Romania.

or is it useless?

I think I said everything and I forgot nothing.

I thank in advance those who will try to inform me.