Are you sure you are a lawyer?

When we are in high school, in most cases, we ask ourselves what we will do basically after school. Some want to establish their own business, others plan to go to work and others want to study.

And it should be clearly stated that this is the most numerous. Nowadays, even students who usually have problems with promotion to the next class are studying. It is worth answering the question in the title: is it worthwhile to be a lawyer? Certainly, administrative or civil law is quite complicated, but if we try, we will probably finish our studies happily. Of course, after graduating, we can forget about being a court attorney or owning a law firm. We can know the civil law and the rest, but if we do not get a place where we can practice, we probably are not satisfied.

Also, there is a difficult state test, although it is easier here. After all, if in fact we are the perfect material for a lawyer, we will probably treat it. Certainly, the economic law and the rest of the problems are not good for people who do not like to learn. In general, law studies are difficult, so you really should try to deal with all this. It seems, however, that this is a very expensive endeavor, because a statistician's lawyer earns well above the national average. In conclusion, it is really worth becoming a lawyer. It is 100% safe.