Are you satisfied with the way Donald Trump has been running the country so far?

Hes doing a …

1. Great work in immigration and border control.
2. Poor work in public relations.
3. Great work in being firm.
4. Great work in the economy.
5. Wreckless with your words, but I like frankness.
6. He gets distracted too easily by scandal and nonsense.
7. Supports the media. A good thing
8. Do not be afraid of bothering people. Not in the game by popularity.
9. Too many small rivalries. Disrespect towards the disabled
10. Shows racist tendencies although nothing manifests.
11. Equal Opportunity Offender.
12. Set high goals and move on.
13. It is not a puppet.
14. Great job to take Clinton's corruption machine out of service.
15. Poor work working with others.
16. Combats too restrictive P.C.
17. Does not know when to shut up.
18. Defend freedom of expression and religious freedom.
19. Great job putting Amercans first.
20. Shoot people too much.