Are you in favor or against Medicare for all? Why or why not?

The ACA worked for some people but not for all. We need a system that is fair and benefits all Americans.

Medicare for all would save us a tremendous amount of money. As a country, 1/3 of our spending on health care goes to administrative costs. This would only be solved to a large extent with a single payer, a system financed by the government.
American households would also save money.

The plan states that families earning less than $ 50,000 a year would not see any tax increases. The rest of us would pay 2.2% more in income taxes. For me, that's $ 2,300 more in taxes per year. But my current private plan is $ 5,000 a year and that does not even cover everything. Medicare for all would eliminate premiums and all out-of-pocket costs, therefore, it would save $ 3,000 each year. Most people would save a lot of money, which would boost the economy.

Americans would live happier, healthier, less stressed. No bankruptcy of medical bills. Oh, and private plans are still optional if people want.